Mar 08, 2014

9th full work week of 2014
16,452.72 the Dow closing price

$3.22 is what I paid for gas per gallon this week, on the same day the price of crude oil was
$102.58 per barrel.

On record at
6:00pm Saturday,
1,205 residential properties were still active on the market in our area.
65 properties in these areas (below) were sold by Northeast LA Realtors in the past seven days:

   6 Bastrop
   1 Calhoun
   1 Chatham
   1 Downsville
   1 Dubach
   1 Farmerville
   1 Gilbert
   1 Homer
   1 Gilbert
   1 Minden
  16 Monroe
   1 Oak Grove
   2 Rayville
  11 Ruston
   1 St Joseph
   2 Sterlington
  17 West Monroe

Just as my favorite televangelist asks us to "Get yourself in a good, Bible based, church", kenramsey.LA Realty would also like to encourage you to "Get yourself with a good, trustworthy, realtor."

If you see a property you like and there's a real estate sign in the yard,
547.1999 call or text kenramsey asap: kenramsey (one word).
I can help you with any real estate sign found in our area.

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